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WP Rocket Review – Can It Really Speed Up WordPress ? Ultimate Settings for better performance.

WP Rocket is the most powerful web performance plugin in the world. It will instantly reduce your load time and boost your Google Page Speed and Core Web Vitals scores. No coding skills needed.

Just look at the stats for this website! Google Page Insights!

WP Rocket – Review –

Best Features of WP Rocket

When it comes to choosing a caching plugin for your WordPress website, the deciding factor will probably be whether or not it reduces the loading times of your site.

However, as well as the potential improvements in site speed, it’s also important to know if you’ll actually be able to properly configure the plugin to get the best results from it.

So, with that in mind, let’s start by taking a look at the WP Rocket user experience before we get to the exploration of its key features.

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An All-In-One Web Performance Plugin

  • Skyrocket your PageSpeed scores instantly
  • Save time: let us do the heavy lifting
  • WP Rocket Optimizes your speed with a cutting-edge technology
  • No technical skills or any coding knowledge required.
  • 2 mins setup.

Made for WordPress and also continuously upgraded to stay on par with the latest web efficiency needs, WP Rocket not only speeds up your packing time, it additionally dramatically improves your total website performance to help you resolve one of the most important PageSpeed Insights referrals.

No need to be a tech expert or touch the code, the default configuration will do its magic right away. 

WP Rocket comes with the most powerful features to make your website blazing fast from the get-go.

On top of its default features that will make your site faster in a blink (page caching, browser caching, or GZIP compression), WP Rocket offers a set of advanced options to boost your performance even more, including delay JavaScript execution, remove unused CSS, minification and LazyLoad.

WP Rocket includes all the best optimization options you would normally get with 3-5 plugins!

How WP Rocket Works:

Get started straight away ==>

WP Rocket World Class Features includes:-

Page Caching

Get your WordPress site cached right away. Caching makes your site load ultra-fast: the real key to boost your SEO and increase conversions.

Cache Preloading

Let your visitors enjoy the speedier, cached content of your site right away! WP Rocket automatically preloads the cache every time you make some changes on your web pages.

Browser Caching

Store the frequently accessed resources of your site—images, JS, CSS—in the local memory of the navigation device, be it desktop or mobile.

GZIP Compression

Compress web pages on the server and decompress them in the browser. The size of your files decreases and your visitors get your content quicker.

eCommerce Optimization

Your eCommerce will run fast and smoothly: WP Rocket excludes sensitive pages from the cache. No interference in the purchasing process.

Excellent Compatibility

Enjoy peace of mind: WP Rocket is compatible with the most popular themes and plugins and it works with the top managed WordPress hosting.

Easy Customization options for a Faster Website(My personnel Recommendations!


Using a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute your website files around the world is another effective way to speed up your website. Because of this, it’s good to see that WP Rocket is compatible with most CDN providers.

So, whether you’re using the CDN service that’s included as part of your hosting plan, or you’ve signed up with a CDN independently, you should be able to integrate it with WP Rocket to improve the performance of your site even more.\


As large image files can slow down your website, WP Rocket has some features to help with this potential problem.

Firstly, the plugin includes an optional LazyLoading feature to delay the loading and display of images and videos until the user has scrolled down to their position on the page. This is as opposed to automatically loading all of the media files as soon as the page is displayed in the browser.

For Image Optimization I personally recommend “ShortPixel” which works great with WP Rocket.


Over time, your WordPress database will grow, with the potential to slow down your website. To help to combat this, WP Rocket has some database optimization features, including the ability to clear out old post revisions, drafts and trashed posts, as well as comments that have been deleted or marked as spam.

WP Rocket Pricing

  • Single: $39 for one year of support and updates covering use on one website.
  • Plus: $79 for one year of support and updates covering use on three websites.
  • Infinite: $199 for one year of support and updates covering use on an unlimited number of websites.

WP Rocket Review Final Thoughts: Should You Use It?

Just looking at the plugin itself, WP Rocket is great. The test numbers speak for themselves and the WP Rocket interface is really well-designed and includes lots of useful documentation to help you understand what each setting does.

So if you ask me, “Is WP Rocket a good plugin and will it make a meaningful improvement to WordPress performance?”, the answer is a definite yes.

However, you can find free plugins that implement a lot of the same features that WP Rocket offers (though you’ll typically need to install multiple plugins to achieve this), which can make your decision a little more difficult.

Basically – 3 reasons why should you pay for WP Rocket vs just using those free plugins?





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