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Working From Home: Scam Or Dream Come True

Working From Home: Scam Or Dream Come True

“Home-based business.” The name itself either leaves you with a squeamish feeling that has its roots in words like shyster, huckster and con or it has you thinking you may have found the answer to financial difficulties you may be facing.

Many home-based job opportunities are simple investment opportunities. The primary difference is a job isn’t really a job unless you are paid. Most home-based ‘jobs’ require an investment on your part to participate. This doesn’t mean the opportunity isn’t worth looking into, but it’s incorrect to refer to it as a job in the traditional sense of the word.

“Me a skeptic? I hope you have proof” – Author Unknown

It is understandable that many individuals are hopeful that there is a simple answer waiting for them. They will search for information on home-based businesses and cling to the hope of something life-altering when they stumble across ‘opportunities’ that offer hundreds of dollars per hour from home.

There are a multitude of home-based opportunities that rely on reselling, network or pyramid plans. These ‘opportunities’ could result in an income, but it is unlikely the income will be as neither easily acquired as advertised nor is it likely the income will be available long-term.

Many of the actual home-based businesses are ones in which telecommuting is allowed. In these positions you are typically allowed to remain at home while managing the affairs of an office from the comfort of home.

These positions could be data entry, account management or other clerical type work. These positions could also include freelance creative work that may include writing, graphic design or other forms of media. The Internet has allowed the growth of telecommuting positions and many individuals are successfully working from home.

“This year, nearly 20,000 entrepreneurs grossed more than $1 million operating from a home-based environment.” – SBA’s Office of Advocacy (2000 report)

The other form of home-based business relies on an entrepreneurial spirit that allows you to custom design your own business with either a personal choice in product or the reselling of product from other sources.

The role of skeptic is a positive role considering the many less-than-honest home-based business opportunities that are available. Always ask questions, ask for credentials, ask for references and if possible ask questions of those who are either currently involved in the business or have been in the past. If the company is reluctant to provide this information you may have saved yourself a headache by walking away.


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