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Working At Home: The Customer Service Option

Working At Home: The Customer Service Option

Work at home customer service jobs are steadily rising in number. In this job position you can have the opportunity to work from home on a schedule that meets your needs. People with a work from home customer service job make an average of thirteen to fifteen dollars per hour. For an employee better pay from the comforts of home is an excellent benefit. Work from home representatives also benefit, they can save on the cost of facility rent, electric and equipment costs. The computer, internet service and phone line is all provided by the employee.

You may be considered an employee or more likely an independent contractor depending on the company that you provide customer service for. As an independent contractor you are required to keep records and care for your own taxes. By running your own home business in this way you can often receive a deduction from your taxes. You may have to take simple online customer service courses that your company provides. These courses take a matter of a few short weeks and then you gain access to a customer service site with a login ID and password in which your phone calls will be routed to your home number.

Even if you work from home as an independent contractor you still need to be professional and treat the job as if you were in a call center environment. Nothing can interfere with your calls, such as personal calls or background noise. You often must adhere to guidelines. These guidelines might include specific time limits to take and complete a call. Your company may track and monitor issue resolution and customer satisfaction. Just remember to take your customer service job seriously and you shouldn’t have problems.

There are numerous customer service positions to choose from. There is technical support, help desk representatives and general care. A lot of large companies have home customer service positions. You can use the internet to search for these opportunities. You will likely be answering general customer questions about products or taking orders from catalogues. These jobs are for the taking even though they may vary slightly.

It is possible that the customer service job is the best home based business. It is a business that allows you to take skills that your learn and use them for various jobs. If you eventually decide that you don’t want to work from home anymore then you are equally qualified to work either in a call center or as a customer service agent in a store. This job is not only useful, but it is also satisfactory since you are able to help others. You help frustrated and confused customers solve their situations and find answers that will end up making them happy. Hearing your customers respond with thanks can make your own day brighter. However, the job does have a revolving satisfaction. So it is best that you do research if this job interests you and make sure that a work at home customer service job is the right option for you.


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