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Those Who Seek, Find: Finding And Keeping A Business Opportunity

Those Who Seek, Find: Finding And Keeping A Business Opportunity

Great business opportunities come to those who look for them. Bad business opportunities come to those who wait for them to arrive ring their doorbell. Think about it: great business ideas came from the ingenious brains of the ambitious. They saw a need, considered a way to meet it, and then started working. Those who have experienced failed business opportunities, on the other hand, often are victims of those smarter than them that see the opportunity to take advantage of someone who simply wants wealth without the work.

Thus those who are searching for a business opportunity will find a great one if they just know where to look and follow a few basic principles.

First of all, those who have succeeded at business have begun with themselves. They often saw a need in their own lives, and then they considered what they would do to have that need met. Next they considered what others would do to have that need met, and they contrived a way that they could meet that need. Certainly they may have used gimmicks or clever marketing strategies, but ultimately, they saw a need, and they strove to meet it before someone else took the opportunity away from them. Thus as you seek a good business opportunity, consider your needs. Open your eyes up to the possibilities of “what if” you had that need met.

Secondly, we reflect those we hang out with. If people want to be successful business entrepreneurs, they will hang out with successful people. They will study the habits of successful people. Basically, a good leader was once a good student, and thus if an individual wants to become a leader in the business world, someone who sees the opportunity and grabs it before it gets away, he must first become a student of the successful. He will cultivate habits of the successful far before he has gained that business opportunity he is searching for. Those who succeed in business will have been practicing these personal habits of discipline and integrity far before they grabbed a hold of their own business opportunity.

When seeking a business opportunity, individuals must also consider starting small and growing slowly. Those business opportunities which often crumble are the ones that have not taken the time to build a strong foundation. Consider the dot com businesses of the late 1990s. Theses corporations began with hopeful promises of success, but their rapid growth also led to rapid decline. They did not follow the important principle of slow and steady growth instead of rapid and erratic. Controlled growth prevents crumbling. Do not buy into the myth that one must have money to make money. Pay for things as you acquire them, and grow as debt-free of a business as you possibly can. This will also ensure longevity for when the market turns south and your business logically declines. You will still have your shirt if the business does not turn out as you had hoped.

Business opportunities abound in our opportunistic world. Finding a reliable one and then practicing a few, solid business principles will lead to a successful future.


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