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Myths and Truths of an Online Work at Home Parent

Myths and Truths of an Online Work at Home Parent

You decide that working 40-70 hours per week out of the home is just not for you. Now what?
You begin to explore the internet for options, most sound to good to be true. Are they?
Who do you ask? Who do you trust? Does this really work? Can you be successful?
Discover Myths and Truths of becoming an Online Work at Home Parent!
Myth: Working from home is easier than working outside of the home.
Truth: Working from home successfully is usually much harder. You only depend on yourself for your paycheck. You will need to organize your time around your children and family, which is much harder than asking your coworker when they are free for lunch. Working from home takes extraordinary organizational skills and a true commitment from yourself and your family.
Myth: I’ll be able to work whenever I want.
Truth: You’ll be able to work when you can convince your spouse and children that you need to work. Life doesn’t stop because you need to sit at the computer or go to the post office. There are still needs that your family will have and because you are home, you’ll be expected to help fulfill those needs.
Myth: I’ll be able to do it all…housework, kids lunches, balance the checkbook, etc…
Truth: You’ll be able to attempt to do it all. However, if you are truly working from home you will still be dedicating much of your time to your work. Although you have gained the time of your commute, you have also gained many more responsibilities. Finding a balance will be difficult in the beginning. Keeping the balance will always be a challenge.
Myth: My kids will enjoy having me around more.
Truth: Yes, your children will enjoy having you in the home, however; they also will become more frustrated with you because you will have other responsibilities than playing with them. They will see you at home and wonder how come they can’t always have your attention.
Myth: I’m going to quit my job within 2 weeks because I can create a six figure income almost instantly on the internet.
Truth: If you are going to work from home and use the internet you can work towards a six figure income. 98% of network marketers fail within the first year. You cannot build a website and expect people to visit. You must work at creating you business, products and customers.
Myth: Everybody will want to be part of my new business.
Truth: Although you may have some supporters, most people will smile and go back to their regular job. It’s up to you to find people who truly want to change their daily lives by working at home.
Myth: Every opportunity on the internet is a scam.
Truth: Many opportunities give false hopes about becoming a millionaire overnight. Luckily there are a few true tools on the internet to help you build a successful business with hard work and persistence.
Overall, if you want to become a work at home parent the odds are stacked against you. However, with a strong desire to see your children for more than moments every day you can succeed in working from home and using the internet to build residual income. My financial future and family lifestyle are in my hands and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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