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How To Make Money Online Using A Funded Proposal

How To Make Money Online Using A Funded Proposal

There are only a few ways to make money online effectively. I am going to share the one that I use and was taught to me by a mentor I met online. This principle is so simple and just mind numbingly obvious that I was amazed I didn’t think of it myself. The principle is called a Funded Proposal. What a Funded Proposal can do for your business is give you a constant stream of cash coming into your bank account all while giving you potential customers and business leaders into your business.

The Funded proposal is very simple and easy to understand. Here is how it works. When you walk into a Mcdonalds you usually are going to want a hamburger or fries. This is Mcdonalds funded proposal. If you look at the profit margin of a soft drink you will see that a fountain drink costs the company around 1 cent. They sell the drink for $1. That’s a 99% profit. So you think Mcdonalds is a hamburger place but really its money making comes from the drinks. You can apply this principle to your internet marketing campaign. There are 2 things that are going to make you money marketing an MLM company online. First is the funded proposal and second the big money earner is your primary MLM company. But first a little advice on picking an MLM company, you will want something with a wide range of products, products people are already using. You want a company that has a solid history and a solid infrastructure. You will also want a company that offers auto-ship a way for customers to get these reusable products month after month without re ordering every month. The company should also have a good public name a positive brand. A company that is socially and environmentally conscious.

Now back to the funded proposal and how to use it to make money online even if no one joins your company. You need to market something preferably a cheap and easy to buy product that will offer something to all internet marketers. This funded proposal will give something to everyone who wants to make money online. It should be cheap enough that everyone wouldn’t think to hard about buying it; the best price is just under $10. So you will use this cheap product that offers something to all marketers. What all marketers want to know is how to market more effectively online. So market a cheap how to market online guide. This will make it easy to sell because everyone wants to learn how to market online. This will give you a constant way to have a steady stream of cash coming in. This money will be used to further your marketing and advertising efforts. Then once these marketers sign up for your how to market guide they will be shown your primary business. And in many cases they will join because the guide has a built in business presentation. This way you are making money even if no one joins your business.


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