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Avoid Home Based Business Burnout

Avoid Home Based Business Burnout

It is vitally important, particularly from a financial point of view, to have your HOME BASED BUSINESS up and running as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This generally leads to extended hours of toil both in minor and major areas, times of frustration, times of joy, and times when sleep and relaxation time are sacrificed.

WORKING FROM HOME does not tend to allow you the luxury of packing up for the day, leaving the premises, and returning the next day. (I suppose you could, but you may have a problem in convincing your spouse and/or children that it is the thing to do!!) Working within the confines of your family home makes it far too easy to burn the candle at both ends. Sneaking in an hour or two (or three!!) of extra work before sunrise while the family is still enjoying a good nights sleep, or working away later in the evening and into the night while the Late, Late Movie is being screened. All this after having put in a full day of work, or prior to putting in a full day of work. It can, and will, take its toll on your body and mind.

Yes, you do need to work hard at your HOME BASED BUSINESS, however, of equal importance is the need to be smart in your approach to WORKING AT HOME. We choose to WORK FROM HOME as a lifestyle change. If however, you are going to put in considerably more hours per week in your HOME BASED BUSINESS than you would in working for a boss away from home, you may well achieve a very substantial income, but you could do so at the expense of the more relaxed lifestyle change you were originally seeking. Without proper rest and relaxation you will soon feel the effects of burnout, and the enjoyment of having a HOME BASED BUSINESS will fade away.

Plan your approach to WORKING FROM HOME by setting out definite work hours and, where possible, ensure you stick to them. When doing so, make sure you set aside break times for lunch, beverages etc. If you need to clear your head at any stage, take a little time out, have a quick nap, take a walk, have a shower, or whatever it takes to recharge your batteries. Do not let your HOME BASED BUSINESS rule your life. This can seem to be the case, particularly in online businesses that operate 24 hours a day. But that does not mean you have to be physically in front of your computer all day.

If you find yourself becoming overloaded with work, try delegating jobs to other family members or, if your HOME BASED BUSINESS is really firing, hire an assistant to help you out on either a part-time or full-time basis.

WORKING FROM HOME with your own HOME BASED BUSINESS can be financially and personally rewarding, provided you utilise proper time-management procedures.


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